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Why ITJewelers

Why We’re Different

At ITJewelers, we strive to understand your business from the very start. Our primary goal is to deliver work that fulfills your needs, your purposes and your aspirations. All of our work is about YOU!

Why We’re Special

ITJewelers provides a complete, end-to-end suite of services for creating, hosting and delivering the most stunning websites, images and 360-degree videos, with no hidden fees.


Why We’re Your Ideal Partner

Beyond images and hosting, ITJewelers offers the most current, proven solutions in digital marketing and social media strategies to create exceptional brand awareness, build your online reputation and successfully extend your reach far beyond your existing customer base.

What We Offer

We at ITJewelers provide complete, end-to-end solutions to create the same emotional experience for your customers online as in your showroom. We help you give them “all the feels” when buying jewelry from you.

IT Solution

  • Custom Websites, Backend-as-a-Service, Apps and other IT needs
  • We started in the jewelry business, so we understand you and your customers
  • Highly experienced front-end and back-end developers
  • All team members trained in the latest technologies to ensure quality, maximize speed and lower your costs


  • Extraordinary team of LA-based photographers in LOVE with capturing jewelry
  • Images with tons of natural light, plus meaningful and personal details
  • Jaw-dropping 360 videography created on our proprietary, customized rig
  • Images you can use on your own site, whether built and hosted by ITJewelers or not

Our Technology

Our developers specialize in the latest technologies to service your IT based needs. With ITJewelers, you have the ability to hire our developers for any duration of time to help bring your tech ideas to life, taking your business to the next level.

Web Development

  • Full Stack
  • Angular
  • React
  • UI Design
  • HTML5 & CSS
  • Node JS
  • Java & Spring
  • Wordpress
  • PHP & Lavarel

Mobile Development

  • Android
  • Native iOS
  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • Flutter

Backend Development

  • Java Microsevices
  • MongoDB
  • Kafka, ELK stack
  • IoT engineer
  • Blockchain
  • Shopify
  • Microsoft .NET

Worldwide, jewelry is a $500 billion industry. Why limit yourself to just those customers who walk through your door?

Our Work



We ensure that your website appears in the highest possible position in Google searches

Social Media Marketing

We’ll help you build an audience around your brand on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and all other relevant social networks

Online Advertising

Achieve measurable ROI on your ad spend with strategic use of keywords and compelling, image-enhanced ads and promoted posts

Graphic Design

Connect more emotionally with an audience with breathtaking images, video and content



About Us

ITJewelers is a full-service platform that provides everything a jeweler needs to have a compelling, affordable and lucrative online presence, regardless of size, technical knowledge or location.

ITJewelers is also group of passionate individuals with highly diverse backgrounds, deep expertise in jewelry and technology, from all around the world who came together to bring one of the most traditional businesses into the 21st century.

Meet Our Team

Sam Barkati

CEO | Marketing Manager| Engineer, with the experience of founding and scaling two businesses in jewelry & construction in the past 16 years.

Anthony Phan

CCO | Lead Editor | US Office Manager, An innovator with the highest knowledge of photography in the industry and a solid background in business.

Raosaheb Ghuge

CTO | Solution Architect, After working in Silicon Valley for Fortune 500 companies,Rao joined ITJewelers as technical architect, with the expertise to build and maintain ITJewelers


with ITJewelers.

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